The peer economy

I am writing this post from the balcony of my Airbnb apartment in nob hill in sf.

Its by far the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in sf. Beautiful duplex penthouse, with an amazing view of downtown, for less than the price of a hotel room.

To get here, I hopped a ride via Lyft, with a super nice guy.

I guess this is my first travel experience fully powered by the peer economy. And is super awesome all around.

It just goes to show that you can travel and transport yourself via peer to peer means and have a totally normal, and exceptionally awesome experience.

This is something you can’t do in most places – sf is definitely the best testing ground for this kind of thing right now.

But for sure: the experience is more authentic and more enjoyable than would have been possible otherwise.

As much as all of this is mainstream in the tech community discussion, its still pretty outside the norm for most people.

But this weeks experience has definitely demonstrated to me that we have new and reliable ways of establishing trust with others, which are totally real and effective.

Pretty cool.

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