At Albert’s suggestion, I’ve started reading Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile.  

It really is a powerful idea to think of things that get better with stress, not worse.  And it’s really interesting to think about how to build antifragility into your life in various ways.

Here’s one (tiny) example: email.  I hate email and I am bad at it. I am constantly in email debt.

It gets worse when I get busy and when I travel a lot.  Things like conferences give me an excuse to ignore email for a day or two, so I do.

But what if there was a way to get better at email, the busier you are?

One way of achieving that is to do email by phone only.  High turnover, limited depth.  The limitations on typing speed on the phone actually make it easier to do more email, not harder (in many cases, not all).

Anyway, that’s just one tiny example.  Will keep thinking about more.

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