Backpack TOC

I’ve been using Backpack for several years now to manage my personal & business info. It’s pretty handy indeed.

As some of my backpack pages have grown, it has become difficult to keep track of all the items on each page. I found myself wishing for an automated table of contents, like the one in MediaWiki wikis. Unfortuately, no such feature exists in Backpack. Bummer!

So, I whipped up a small Greasemonkey script to do this for me. Here’s how it works:

This is just my first pass, so it’s not perfect — one known limitation is that the TOC doesn’t update dynamically as you add or remove items from the page; you’ll need to reload the page to see the updated TOC. I am not sure how to hook into the add/delete events — if anyone wants to help with that please drop me a line.


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