Broadsheet Wide

Recently, Douglas introduced me to the Vienna RSS reader for Mac. While I normally use Melkjug for feeding, I also like to have a more traditional folder-based view sometimes. I had been using NetNewsWire, but like Doug, I didn’t find the reading interface very good — something about the layout of the articles didn’t get the proportions and emphasis just right.

So I gave Vienna a try, and found that I didn’t totally love the interface there, either. Vienna does offer a range of reading themes to choose from, but no single one felt just right. Lucky for me, they also allow you to write your own, using HTML & CSS.

In the end, I adapted the Broadsheet Clipping theme (originally posted by Arthur Veugelers) to my liking. The result, below, is a quick first pass — the first picture is the original Broadsheet Clipping theme, and the second is my adaptation.

Above: Broadsheet Clipping theme

Above: my adaptation, Broadsheet Wide

I wanted to make the headlines really pop for easy scanning, so I went with full-width headings, more spacing between stories, and I deemphaized the byline.

If you like it, you can download the theme here. To install, simply unzip and move the folder to /Library/Application Support/Vienna/Styles, then restart Vienna.

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